Brief Reflection ~ Umineko no Naku Koro ni EP5

Without giving too much away, it was excellent. Quite possibly the most mind-stimulating episode so far. The Chiru suffix isn’t just for looks, it really did have a different feel to the past 4 episodes. For one, the focus is taken off of Beatrice and placed more on the higher-order witches. Battler’s still the protagonist, but in a different kind of way… And a completely new character was introduced to Rokkenjima in this episode to coincide with a change in the structure of the game.

This chapter, I wouldn’t really call it an ‘answer’ arc as it doesn’t provide answers. The term ‘core arc’ is definitely much more fitting. It’s like, there was still heaps of questions left up in the air, but it was as if you had more to grasp at. They gave you a lot more hints and crutches to help you get your head around the central questions the visual novels propose, both in the time and regarding the series up to that point. It’s still really heavy, perhaps moreso than any before it. But if you managed to keep somewhat on top of the first four episodes, then you’ll really be able to digest a lot more of episode 5.

I really hope an anime adaptation of Chiru comes out, but I won’t be counting on it. At the very least, it won’t be for quite some time yet. So I highly encourage people check this one out, even if you haven’t read episode 1-4 of the Sound Novel before it. Which you should, but it’s not required to appreciate it. Or maybe it is. Ugh, you just need to have a general understanding of the underlying messages Umineko presents.

But be warned… There will be trolling.

(This blog post was extracted from Eccentricity, from before Kakera Complex was made.)

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