Help nominate ef for an English release!

No Name Losers, once a fan-subbing organization, have recently received a cease and desist from Minori, a producer of Visual Novels which NNL themselves focused on subbing for the English-speaking fanbase. However, there has been recent discussions between the two groups, and it appears that NNL has been granted permission to officially translate one of Minori’s visual novels into English for the small but dedicated english fanbase. BUT ONLY ONE.

On their site you’ll see they have a poll of which visual novel they should translate, seemingly leaving it up to the fans to make the decision. I know this may seem cheap, but I, as a dedicated ef fan, implore any who read this to vote ‘ef – a fairy tale of the two’ upward! It’s all I can do as a fan, to spread the word.

If you don’t know what ef is, then I highly encourage you to check out the anime series: ‘ef – a tale of memories’ and the sequel ‘ef – a tale of melodies’. ef is not just another story, it’s a masterpiece of animated drama. It’s quite possibly the most emotionally impacting thing I’ve ever watched in my life, and that’s saying a lot considering I’m also a Clannad fanboy. Some of the most beautiful art and dialogue ever made is in ef, and it would be a real shame to see it lose it’s one chance at gaining a greater fanbase in the West.

If you approve of heartrending artworks of the Japanese Visual Novel, Manga and Anime scene, then you’d be crazy not to vote ef. Do us minority fanbase proud, otakus!


It’s been announced! No Name Losers have confirmed that they will be releasing ef – a fairy tale of the two to the english audiences! Thanks to everyone who helped rock the vote, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. =D

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Australian J-geek with a passion for Gaming and Writing. Psychology student, Nintendo/Key/Ryukishi07 fan.
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