Ore no Imouto ~ Thoughts so far

‘Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai’ (otherwise known as ‘Ore no Imouto’, ‘Oreimo’, ‘My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute’ or ‘That New Anime with the Really Long Name’) is a new anime produced by AIC, based on the light novel of the same name by Tsukasa Fushimi. I, like many others, first encountered this anime by word of mouth from my fellow otakus, and decided to pick it up for this season. In just the first four episodes that have been released so far, it has already surpassed my expectations (twice) and garnered my complete admiration and interest. This one is set to be the anime of the season, it’s a gem. So, what’s it about?

Ore no Imouto begins with Kyosuke Kosaka, the main character of the story. He’s an ordinary 17 year old high schooler who leads a very average life. He lives with a caring mother, a strict father, and an annoying younger sister. The twist of the story arises in the first episode when, much to Kyosuke’s surprise, his younger sister, Kirino, just so happens to be in posession of an eroge visual novel with a theme of intimacy with younger sisters. When Kirino becomes aware that Kyosuke knows about it, she reveals to him her entire collection of eroge and otaku merchandise. When the shock of the realisation that his sister is a closet otaku subsides, Kyosuke shows that he’s actually very tolerant of his sister’s unconventional hobby, and makes it clear that he doesn’t care what she does with her time. Taking advantage of his acceptance of her hobby, Kirino seeks to try to gain more acceptance by introducing Kyosuke into the world of eroge, and a strange and unusual bond is formed between the two siblings. Kyosuke agrees to help Kirino hide her hobby and even make friends, and so Kirino becomes acquainted with two fellow otaku girls from the internet, Saori Makishima and Ruri Gokou, thanks to her brother’s help and support.

The story so far focuses on themes such as acceptance (trying to have others accept you for who you are), identity (the conflict between one’s many different identities, and trying to find harmony between them), and family relations (sibling love in particular), all through the unique scope of the otaku lifestyle. The story is an interesting mix of drama and comedy, with episode three getting me near-teary while also having me laugh out loud (in the same scene). It’s almost a parody of all eroge out there, especially incest ones. It’s as if the walls of the fictional universe are trying to pull these two siblings into intimate situations with each other, despite their protests. That kind of self-awareness of the story gets two thumbs up from me. The overall feel of the anime reminds me a lot of Toradora, one of my favourite animes.

The series so far shows a lot of promise for interesting development, so, I’m going to try and do episodic coverage of the series from now on. I know it’s late and all, but I’ve gotta start somewhere, so this is gonna be a half-experimental effort on my part, my first ever episodic coverage of a new anime series. I’ve decided on you, Ore no Imouto! Let’s see if I can keep up with the workload, shall we? Just don’t take this attempt TOO seriously. If you haven’t heard, I’m hoping to be moving Kakera Complex to a new domain very soon, so there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes that may interrupt my blogging, but I at least wanna give this episodic coverage a shot. So, to make up for lost ground, here’s a quick dot-point summary of the series so far:

Episode 1:

-Eroge disc discovered by Kyosuke.
-Kyosuke figures out that it belongs to Kirino. Kirino knows he knows.
-Kirino reveals her closet otaku nature to Kyosuke. Kyosuke is surprised but accepting.
-Kirino seeks counselling from Kyosuke, introducing him to eroge to help him understand how she feels. A weird bond is formed between the two.

Episode 2:

-Kyosuke helps Kirino into an online community, “Otaku Girls Unite!” run by Saori.
-Kirino attends an IRL meetup with the girls, and finds she is very shy and unable to interact with them well.
-Saori catches up with Kirino after the meetup, along with Ruri, who didn’t fit in well with the others either. A small band of outcasts among outcasts is formed, with Kyosuke tagging along most of the time too.
-Awesome otaku argument between Kirino and Ruri. It felt like a mirror of my own life ❤

Episode 3:

-Kirino grows closer to her new friends, spending more time with them.
-Kirino’s dad discovers one of her eroge by accident, and forbids her from continuing her unusual hobby.
-Kyosuke finds out what happened, and goes to speak with dad on Kirino’s behalf.
-An awesome, emotional argument between Tomoya Kyosuke and his dad ensues, and the father agrees to let her continue her hobby, as long as she gets rid of any unsuitible R-rated items.
-Kyosuke takes the last resort, and lies to his dad, telling him that the eroge belongs to him, and proclaiming his undying love for eroge and hentai. Son, I am disappoint, falcon punches Kyosuke in the face. ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD.

Episode 4:

-Kyosuke meets two of Kirino’s modeling friends.
-Kirino receives eroge from Saori, disguised in a makeup box, and almost opens it in front of her friends before Kyosuke hilariously bursts into the room and steals the box. Then some accidental incest fanservice happens.
-A bit of chemistry develops between Kyosuke and Kirino’s friend, Ayase Aragaki. After a brief exchange outside the house, they exchange phone numbers.
-The otaku group head off to Summer Comiket. Standard stuff here, but it was fun to watch.
-At the conclusion of the episode, Kirino encounters Ayase while still with her otaku friends.

Enter obligatory melodramatic


In Episodic form!

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