Ore no Imouto 05

This episode betrayed all of my expectations. Usually saying that is supposed to be a bad thing, but I think that’s awesome. It means the story is one step ahead of me.

The episode started off by introducing us to Ayase’s true nature: the yandere. It certainly caught me off guard, but I guess there’s more than meets the eye with many of the characters in this show. There was a bit of a struggle, but Ayase managed to wring the truth out of Kirino, and obviously couldn’t handle it. She completely shut down after hearing the truth, clearly having some kind of aversion toward otaku interests. It was kind of shocking how Ayase could so easily let go of her friendship with Kirino, especially after making such a big deal about how they should be honest to each other as friends. Ayase kept repeating her idea that Kirino prioritized her eroge over her friends, but isn’t it kinda the other way around? If Ayase is so willing to end a friendship because her friend is no longer perfect, and has an interest she isn’t entirely happy with (yet it doesn’t affect her in any way)… It’s almost like her hatred for otakuism outweighs her feelings for her friend. Heh, trust a model to be hypocritical like that I guess. Definitely got a Rena vibe from her though, that must be the yandere. Not to mention all the “Uso uso uso uso”. The scene did indeed feel very dark though.

As usual, Kyosuke attempts to comfort her, but she turns very aggressive on him. A bit of introspection with their recent bond plays out, and it’s noticed that she has some pent up feelings of dissatisfaction with her treatment as a sister, then saying over and over again that he doesn’t understand. But then she turns it around at the last second, saying that “The counselling isn’t over, take responsibility for it ’til the end.” Selfish, sure, bipolar, yes, but I guess she just needed a punching bag. I can totally understand where she as a person was coming from, even if it is frustrating for the likes of Kyosuke.


The majority of the remainder of the episode is focused on Kyosuke’s efforts to repair the damage. He contacts Ayase on the phone and realizes that she has some pretty firm arguments portraying otakuism as a horrible thing, and so Kyosuke goes searching for evidence to fight back with. But before I continue, there’s something that cannot be ignored.


*AHEM* Excuse that outburst. Back to the plot though, armed with his weapons from the internet and the help of his own, hehe, tsundere father, he goes to confront Ayase, full-on Phoenix Wright style. Even the music and imagery made it feel like phoenix wright! Even when Kirino arrived on the scene to give Ayase a piece of her mind I couldn’t help but think about Phoenix Wright. Here, I’ll prove it!

“This published apology is evidence that the journalist’s prior statement was false.”

“But that kind of hobby is disgusting! What have you done with the real Kirino!”

“Order! Order! I am the real Kirino!”

“OBJECTION! I am in love with my sister!”

“It’s as you say, Asperity.”

In the end it turned out that, while Ayase accepted Kirino’s feelings, she wasn’t able to make up with her due to her hobby. Relying on Kyosuke at the last second again, Kyosuke uses his last weapon: he makes up a story about being in love with his sister, and says that eroge brought them together. For some reason Ayase interprets this as Kyosuke corrupting Kirino with his Eroge, and by making himself the bad guy, Kirino was able to save her friendship. But gee, it’s a pretty shallow friendship, don’t you think?

I know a lot of people have been going on about how this anime really is going to have an incest ending, but I’m still not so sure. I still think my original statement holds true, that ‘the self-awareness of the show tries to push these two characters together by various circumstances, against their will’. Sure a bond is definitely growing between them, and yes they’re probably going to be able to say they ‘love’ each other in the end, but incest? I’m not so sure it will end that way. But if it does, well, I have faith that they’ll pull it off in such a way that I’ll be completely satisfied. They haven’t betrayed me yet.

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