Ore no Imouto 06

This episode was pretty much a filler, when compared to the pace of the anime thus far. So I don’t have that much material to work with. But it was still pretty enjoyable, and the shift of focus helped me come to a realization about an underlying theme in the story that will very likely surface soon. That and, I was predicting a Manami-centric episode since last week finished airing too. hehe.

The pace of this episode was very casual and peaceful. Lots of silly scenes, as well of a bit of an examination of the peaceful relationship between Manami. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, childhood friends who have been close for a very long time, but their relationship is facing the pressures of society and their own personal developing minds as teenagers. It seems everyone is trying to get the two together in a relationship, but almost surprisingly for the medium, they’re seemingly happy with just being friends, at least for now anyway. As Kyosuke put it, he enjoys the peaceful days as they are, and doesn’t want to see it change just yet. It wasn’t necessarily directed at Manami, but the meaning still holds.

That’s one of the weirdest and most hilarious phallic euphemisms I’ve ever heard.

It was a fun watch, but as many have commented, the pace and feel of this episode made it seem like a completely different anime. Then I wonder, what purpose does this episode serve? Before long it hit me, the episode is there to draw comparisons and contrasts between Kyosuke’s relationship with Manami and Kyosuke’s relationship with Kirino. As has been revealed, Kyosuke has been close friends with Manami since they were both children, and his relationship with his sister Kirino has been very distant until the beginning of the series. Since Manami and Kyosuke aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, it isn’t a stretch to compare their relationship to that of a little sister and her older brother. With the way they cleverly juxtaposed the main events of this episode with Kirino’s anger at her brother’s absense, I think it’s clear that there’s some pent up jealousy in Kirino over Kyosuke’s relationship with Manami. They’re more like siblings than Kirino and Kyosuke are, and we know that Kirino seems to have felt some feelings of dissatisfaction with her relationship with her brother for quite some time now, so, it all fits. I get the feeling that this episode may be a calm before a storm, because I definitely feel that this idea will be examined much more closely in future episodes. This level of reasoning is possible for Aspie Sincerity. What do you think, everyone?

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