Umineko – Aspirety’s 10 Beatrices

Spoiler Warning
I have taken it upon myself to go through my understanding of the Visual Novel ‘Umineko no Naku Koro ni’, and pull apart one of the most ambiguous character titles in the series, ‘Beatrice’. Beatrice is not just one character, but many different characters sharing the same name or title. And so, I have managed to seperate these identites to the best of my ability, and what I’ve come up with are ten distinct Beatrices. These are all based on Episodes 1-7 of the Visual Novel, so if you’re not up to date, then don’t read any further!But if you are up to date (or don’t care either way), then feel free to read on. I’ll keep it nice and simple.

WARNING: This probably won’t make any sense to people who don’t have a good grasp on the series.

#1 – The Golden Witch Beatrice / Meta Beatrice / Beato / ‘The Manifestation of the Rules’ (Meta/Illusionary, Incarnation of Human Beatrice)

This is the ‘prime’ Beatrice, the focus of the entire show. She primarily exists in Meta form as the first Beatrice we ever see (at the end of EP1), but she sometimes descends from the Meta to invade the Illusionary side of the Chessboard. As a Meta being, she is an incarnation of the once human Beatrice, known to many now as ‘Yasu’. The prime antagonist, yet also a great victim, and still shrouded in mystery herself. This is the Golden Witch, but some might refer to her as simply ‘The Embodiment of the Rules of this Game’.

#2 – The Witch of the Forest / Elder Beatrice / ‘The Manifestation of the Ghost Stories’ (Illusionary)

This Beatrice is much more conceptual than corporeal. Identified as the ‘Elder Beatrice’ in EP6, this is the Witch of the Forest, the Beatrice one might argue Kinzo’s painting is made to represent. She is an object of fear, and represents the culmination of all of the myths and ghost stories surrounding Rokkenjima. As per the myths, she is vulnerable to spider webs, while the other Beatrices are not. Her role in the story is mostly in the Illusionary, only appearing to demonstrate the anti-mystery argument with her fancy magic.

#3 – Human Beatrice / Piece Beatrice / Yasu / Shannon / Kanon / ‘The Child from Nineteen Years Ago’ // Lion /// Clair Vaux Bernardus (Human, Split Personalities, Alternate Realities, and a different piece)

This is the true culprit behind the Rokkenjima Mass Murder. She has appeared many different times in many different forms, and I was almost afraid to group all of them together like this, but they are essentially the same person. First references in EP1 as the person who gave Maria her umbrella. First seen in EP2 as the mysterious guest to the family gathering, to act out the murders in accordance with the Epitaph. Seen again in EP4 speaking to Battler on the balcony. In EP6, the entire Illusionary plotline revolved around the internal struggle of this character. In EP7, she is identified as ‘Yasu’, played by the piece Clair Vaux Bernardus. It is also heavily implied that she embodies the split personalities of Shannon and Kanon. Furthermore, from the alternate fragment that Bernkastel discovered, Lion was this same character with a fortunate upbringing. Also known as ‘The Child from Nineteen Years Ago’ in EP5. ‘Beatrice’ was also the name of one of Yasu’s other personalities, but this one was more of an incorporeal personality that was never shown on the outside (so we assume, anyway.)

#4 – Beatrice the Second / Young Beatrice (Human)

This one is a lot easier to understand, there is very little ambiguity. According to the mythology, this Beatrice was a homunculus created by Kinzo to resurrect his beloved Beatrice, but in actuality this was debunked in EP7, and it’s confirmed that this Beatrice is the human daughter of Beatrice Castiglioni and Kinzo. She was killed by Rosa in the past by accident, falling to her death off a cliff. It is also revealed that through an incest relationship with Kinzo, who was caught in the delusion that she was the reincarnated Beatrice Castiglioni, the two gave birth to the Human Beatrice.

#5 – Teacher Beatrice / Virgilia / Kumasawa (Meta/Illusionary, Incarnation of Kumasawa)

This is the first ‘Beatrice’ that doesn’t really fit with the others. While she is said to have used the title ‘Beatrice’ and passed it onto Beato in the myth, that’s pretty much confirmed to be Illusionary babble, with little relevance to the plot (Or someone can prove me wrong on that.) She’s more well known as Virgilia, and is heavily implied to be the incarnation of Kumasawa.

#6 – EVA-Beatrice / Eva (Illusionary/Meta, Incarnation of Eva’s dark side)

Another character borrowing Beatrice’s title, EVA-Beatrice is the manifestation of the Eva who inherited the title of the Golden Witch in EP3, and continued commiting the murders according to the Epitaph. There’s not much to say here, she’s just the personification of Eva’s dark side.

#7 – ANGE-Beatrice / Ange (Meta/Illusionary, Incarnation of the human Ange)

Contrary to popular belief, ANGE-Beatrice is NOT the same as the human Ange from the parralel EP4 storyline. Rather, as a Meta character, she is the incarnation of the human Ange who wanted to save her family from being killed by a witch. In the storyline, the line between the illusionary/meta Ange and the human Ange becomes very distorted, and it’s difficult to tell what’s real or not. But it’s obvious that Ange didn’t just magic away to the chessboard from the future, that breaks the laws of the world. ANGE-Beatrice is just an incarnation.

#8 – Chick Beatrice (Meta/Illusionary, Creation of Battler, An incomplete immitation of Beato)

This Beatrice was created by Battler in EP6, to try and resurrect the late Beato. It failed however, as Battler was unable to recreate everything that constituted Beato’s identity. She is immature and loyal to Battler, but was also born out of Beato’s love for Battler. Eventually she merges form with the Elder Beatrice (The Witch of the Forest), combining the meta, the love with the myth, the legend, and together they form the complete Beatrice, if only for a brief moment to save Battler and defeat Furudo Erika. After her brief return she disappears again, to leave Battler to grieve her loss (and pave the way for EP8…)

#9 – Beatrice Castiglioni / Bice (Human)

Simple, this one is Kinzo’s lover from when he was a solider. She was revealed in EP7, and is essentially the source of all later Beatrices. Despite being the 9th introduced on my list, she is chronologically the first. Together with Kinzo they fathered the second Beatrice, but Beatrice Castiglioni died during childbirth, setting the tragedy in motion.

#10 – ‘Evil Spirit’ Beatrice / Gaap (Illusionary, but the older Gaap entered the Meta)

The final Beatrice is probably one of the less important ones, the ‘Evil Spirit’ as I call it featured in EP7 in Yasu’s narrative. According to the mythology she is the first ‘Beatrice’ that Yasu had encountered, an evil spirit on Rokkenjima which kept moving things around. Her appearance matches that who we know as Gaap, and when Yasu took this Beatrice’s name as her own, she became the sidekick of Yasu, and as we know eventually gained the name ‘Gaap’. I’m still pretty unsure about who or what she is supposed to represent in the story, but many have theorized that she is the incarnation of Dr. Nanjo. It may sound silly, but it’s as logical as anything else. If anyone has any more info regarding this Beatrice, please let me know.

This level of reasoning is possible for Aspie Sincerity. What do you think, everyone..?

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