Kakera Complex is Back! (Sort Of)

Greetings, voyagers. Have you missed me? Kakera Complex has been down for a few months due to the transition from one host to another. I’ve gone from self-hosting (or Spike-hosting) to a wordpress.com hosted blog. I won’t say this option is superior, but it’s a lot more secure and will do fine for now until I feel I need to move on to greater things. It’s all a transition~

The layout of the site has slightly changed, but to my knowledge all of the posts, comments and images came along just fine, so there’s no need to worry. Kakera Complex is all back! Although, I can’t promise I’ll be active. It’s not that I’ve lost enthusiasm or anything! It’s just that I’m going to probably be very busy over the next few months, working on my novels and my University studies. I’ll still be here, but don’t expect much of me until all of this excitement blows over. But at least we’re back on some stable footing =)

If you’re interested in what’s been going on with me, well University is the big thing. My first exams are coming up soon, so I’m studying for that. I’m also working hard to get my two novels, Bisentience and My Self done within the next few months. I’ve also started a new project, each Saturday night at 9PM AEST, I get on skype with a group of friends and we do dramatic readings of horrible fanfiction live over the internet, and record it to immortalize the horror. It’s called Masofiction, and you should check it out here! Haven’t been watching a heap of anime, but I’ve been trying to keep up with what’s hot. Oh I watched through Shakugan no Shana and fell in love with that, awesome series. In my spare time I try to watch a little Madoka or Stein’s;Gate, on top of my backlog of older anime to watch. In terms of Games, I’ve been playing Ghost Recon and Samurai Warriors on my new 3DS, also 999 and Ghost Trick on my DS. Ghost Trick is amazing, I even did a review of it for Aussie-Nintendo.com, which you can check out here. Still trying to make time for Rune Factory Frontier on the Wii, I’ve clocked over 70 hours on it now, and I’m making my way through the Snow Ruins. Such a great game, I wish more people would play it.

So yeah, I think that wraps up my life for the past few months of my absense. Oh, and Umineko EP8 is half patched! I’ll hopefully be starting that tonight or tomorrow, it’s kind of sad that the series is coming to an end. I really hope Ryukishi starts a third entry in the When They Cry series, but he has a pretty impossible bar to reach up to.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for now. Take it easy!

About Aspirety

Australian J-geek with a passion for Gaming and Writing. Psychology student, Nintendo/Key/Ryukishi07 fan.
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