The Many Stereotypes of Anime Fans

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About Aspirety

Australian J-geek with a passion for Gaming and Writing. Psychology student, Nintendo/Key/Ryukishi07 fan.
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6 Responses to The Many Stereotypes of Anime Fans

  1. Ritsuioko23 says:

    Where’s the yuri stereotype? -_-” seriously why do people give yaoi so much credit? It’s always sexual and never cute or pure like yuri … Anyways im part of gorn, moe, heavy fantasy and emotional :3

  2. Yumeka says:

    Hmm, I like a variety of anime and don’t feel that I fit into any of the stereotypes you listed. I might favor moe in terms of design (as long as it’s still a good show in my eyes) and I usually don’t get that into mecha. I’m thinking that my preferred genre is what I like to call “un-slice-of-life,” meaning it has the guise of a school/slice-of-life series but with a special twist, like the sci-fi elements in Haruhi, the fantasy in Shana, the supernatural/action in Angel Beats!, and even the unique humor in Lucky Star.

  3. Keriaku says:

    Does something like Higurashi fall under Gorn? I think almost all shows under that catagory can by liked for far more reasons then just wanting to see gore. While the other catagories are generally just what the shows are (yaoi, mecha, etc.) or a style that people would go to it for (ghibli, moe) ‘gorn’ seems to imply that gore is the focus of the show, which I would argue against for any particular show I can think of (Higurashi, Blood-C, Another).

    That being said, I’d say I fall under a mix of Emotional/Heavy Fantasy/Gorn, then a bit of Moe/Shoujo/Yaoi if it’s good.

    • Aspirety says:

      It’s more about the people’s perceptions. Many people watch Higurashi for the gore and not the story, so they would probably fit in more with the ‘gorn’ stereotype.
      But again, this was just made for fun, don’t look into it too hard 😛

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