Kinniku Project, meet the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project

Hello all. I know I’ve kept you in the dark about the project for a while now, but it’s turned out that our efforts are required on a much more worthy stage. The translation teams behind Key’s various works into the English language: Doki, Fluffy, the Air TL team and Amaterasu, are uniting with the fans of Key to create, much like my own project, a love letter to Key.

The website for the project is here:

The details are still being discussed, but at this stage it’s looking to be presented as a book with messages and illustrations from Key fans, which will be sent directly to Key to commemorate their 15th anniversary on the 21st July, 2013. That’s almost exactly one year from now. This is a project that was once attempted for the 10th anniversary, but failed due to lack of time and support. But here they are trying to do it once more, and noticing that I was undertaking a similar project, they invited me to join in. I accepted. This doesn’t mean the Kinniku Project has been abandoned, far from it! But in pledging your support for my project, I ask that you do the same for this one. Even if you’re only a fan of Little Busters, that’s fine, but fans of all Key works are welcome. Kinniku Project as it originally existed will be no more. But, that doesn’t mean our efforts will end here. After having talked with the organisers of the Key 15th Anniversary project, we’ve come to the conclusion that for all those still interested in producing a video, titled ‘How Muscle Took Over The World’, we will still do so. However, at this stage it’s been decided that this video will not be uploaded to Nico Nico Douga, but rather sent directly to Key. The target audience has changed, so the content may be a little different, but I still think it fits in with our aims of broadening awareness of the international Key fandom, and showing our support and eagerness for the localization of these games into English. And the method is the same: by showing our love of these titles. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this project. So please, go to their website, take a look, and decide if you’ll offer to them as much support as you gave my original Kinniku Project. I hope to continue working with you all! Now, you may be wondering, what can you do to help?

1) You can write a letter to Key to be included in the project. The content of the letters is probably still to be decided, but I imagine something like what Key games or a particular game mean to you, your experience with the games, that sort of thing would be great content. This is something that can be done by anybody who’s a fan of their work, you don’t need to be super talented to accomplish this one!

2) Draw! They’re looking for anybody with a talent for art do draw illustrations to include in the letter/book. I’m sure many of you would have your efforts best spent on this, and it’s something that wouldn’t have been possible in my project.

3) Cosplay! If you have a Key cosplay you’re especially proud of, you can perhaps send a photo (you’ll have to clarify with them on this) or choose to appear in my video. On that note…

4) The video! I’ve been tasked with producing the video that will be included with the letter/book. I’m sure it would be awesome to see Key fans in cosplay for this video. As for the content, it could include messages from Key fans choosing to appear on video, and some sillyness like muscle dancing at the end. Cosplay would be great here!

5) Continue to spread the word! No longer about Kinniku Project, but about the Key 15th Anniversary Letter project.

We have a year to complete our goal. In that time, we can get the word out there, and produce whatever we can for the project to help it become a success. It’s time to show Key that we’re out here, and that we love and support what they do. We’re ready for official localizations of their games!

So, what do you think everyone?

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Australian J-geek with a passion for Gaming and Writing. Psychology student, Nintendo/Key/Ryukishi07 fan.
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5 Responses to Kinniku Project, meet the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project

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  2. rablazone says:

    Hell yes I am in this. Kinniku Project was already on my to-do list, but even without that I’d be finding a way into this project.

  3. rablazone says:

    Reblogged this on Rabla Zone and commented:
    Get on this guys. Really want to push this one.

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