Key Visual Novel Planetarian released in English for iOS!


This huge news came to my attention just now! As the title says, planetarian – Dream of a Little Star has been released in English for the iOS! This is the very first time an official localization for one of Key’s games has ever been released, and one of the very few times a Visual Novel has been officially localized. Hopefully for people like myself, it’ll be coming to Android as well, seeing as the game is currently available on Android in Japanese. Planetarian isn’t just any VN though, it’s a Kinetic Novel, which means that there are no choices to make in the game. You merely scroll through the text with minimal interaction required from the player; you can even set it to auto read for you. What it lacks in interactivity it makes up for in story. Planetarian is Key’s shortest Visual Novel, set in a post-apocalyptic world a lone scavenger happens upon a fully functional robot girl in the ruins of a deserted city, a relic of the old world. The game begins with their first meeting and the short story that unfolds from having met each other. It only lasts a few hours, but there’s a good chance you’ll cry by the end. It’s no exception to Key’s cry or your money back routine*. You can pick it up for under $5 from the app store. I highly recommend it to everyone with an interest in Visual Novels or just want a good read. It’s Key’s first foray into the English speaking market, and I want to do all I can to help it succeed. Give Planetarian a chance, I assure you you won’t regret it! And if you also think it deserves people’s time, share the news around! My hope is that this will pave the way for Key’s more famous Visual Novels like Clannad and Little Busters to finally receive English releases. Let’s help make that a reality!

Check it out here!

*You won’t actually get your money back.

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Australian J-geek with a passion for Gaming and Writing. Psychology student, Nintendo/Key/Ryukishi07 fan.
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