Rewrite ~ Lucia Route Reflection

Lucia End

What a fantastic route this was, probably my favourite yet. It has some slight issues, but overall I thought it was an amazing experience. It’s a bit funny, in the common route Lucia was my least preferred character; she just seemed so bland. But after reading her route, I’ve been well and truly converted to Lucia-ism. Another A-grade performance by seiyuu Risa Asaki, who did a fantastic job portraying all of the different and varied emotions of this character. A great character, and an amazing route; probably one of the best Key routes I’ve read. And what do you know, this happens to be the one Ryukishi – maker of the When They Cry series – wrote. Admittedly I’m a huge fan of his work, but I’ll try not to gush too hard in this post, ahaha. He did a great job working with Key to deliver a great route – the quality of his writing shines here. And man, there’s a lot to talk about with this route.

The common route branch begins with Kotarou finding out about Lucia’s past – that she once had an incident which caused her to believe that her hands were toxic and caused things to die just by touching them. Chihaya and Lucia keep getting into fights over Lucia’s apparent obsession with cleanliness, and Kotarou keeps trying to help them make up, but the efforts continue to damage their relationship despite their mutual desire to make up. One of the characters (can’t remember who, maybe Kotori?) likened the situation to the hedgehog’s dilemma. Kotarou keeps making new attempts to bring them back together, but the results are often less than favourable.


Lucia’s route itself begins with an investigation into a new mystery for the occult club. Kotarou takes it up on his own, to investigate the curse of a girl named Haruka Asahi. The rumour is that Haruka drained the life away from anybody around her, and strange occurrences like windows cracking happened in her presence. If anyone tries to investigate the curse, they’ll incur her wrath. Noting this as suspicious, Kotarou begins to investigate the curse, starting with Yoshino who reveals there is truth to the rumours. But as he continues the investigation, various strange, supernatural things start happening around him as if to warn him. It begun with a sheet of paper being printed out with the words “Don’t wake me. Or else you’ll” written in a girl’s handwriting ending up in Kotarou’s hands. Shortly after, he notices a crack in the window and begins to grow concerned. It’s at this point that Lucia offers Kotarou her help to solve the mystery, as she feels empathy for this Haruka character, believing that she was just a victim of misfortune like she was, and had to deal with the label of being cursed all her life. Together they begin solving mysteries one by one, starting with the printer and later by calling the classmates of the boy who died. During this time however, Lucia encounters the girl by herself in the city, and grows very frightened. I feel Ryukishi’s presence in this story; an examination of supernatural and the horror aspect of the mystery that surrounds it. Is the curse real, or is it just an illusion? As with Ryukishi’s other works, nothing is ever as it appears. But damn, the horror is pretty heavy from this point on. All of the people Kotarou calls are freaking out about him awakening Haruka from her sleep, and Lucia starts pleading with him to stop. After Kotarou persists that he has to continue, Lucia is shown having an encounter with Haruka, in which she inherits Haruka’s curse and her hands become as filthy as her nightmares.

Asahi Haruka's Curse

At this point I felt like this would’ve been a great first route to play. Lucia’s route is the only route that begins before the incident in the forest, before any supernatural stuff starts happening. With Ryukishi’s writing, we are gradually eased deeper and deeper into the world of the supernatural, trying to determine the truths behind it all. This route starts out as a horror mystery before delving deeper into the other side. It’s a great transition, less abrupt than the leaf monster battle, but still very impacting. Kotarou tracks down the last person to investigate Haruka’s curse, and learns of how it almost got him killed. As they continue talking, all the light bulbs in the restaurant start breaking, and everyone starts getting really panicked. Done investigating, he leaves the restaurant and soon encounters Haruka – possessing his friend Lucia’s body – outside the restaurant in the rain. As they talk, the streetlights around them start shattering one by one as Haruka insists that she doesn’t need anyone trying to help her, and that she really is cursed. Kotarou insists that, much like Lucia, a bunch of coincidences of things dying around her caused her to earn the title of ‘cursed’, regardless of the truth. Kotarou couldn’t stand for the injustice of being bullied like that, and continued to oppose the belief that she was cursed. Despite how many of these occurrences happen around him, he continues to dismiss them as coincidences, so he can fight to destroy the rumours and let her be at peace.

Lucia's Pain

In retrospect, this whole ordeal is kind of tragic. Kotarou is fighting to deny the rumours of the curse, but in the end his attempts are all in vain. That night Lucia reveals how Haruka’s curse has been passed onto her, and she breaks down into a fit of crying, how she’ll never be close to anyone again. I guess it’s a pseudo-confession, revealing her true feelings to Kotarou while maintaining the façade. A last attempt to get him to stop pursuing a solution, to just let her be. It must’ve been at this time when he started suspecting what was really going on, as the next day he ended up leaving for the orphanage to confirm Haruka Asahi’s identity. Kotarou plays the role of detective, identifying the culprit and explaining his reasoning for this. Turns out the curse was real after all, or at least the part about killing anything she touches and causing glass to shatter.

Embracing Lucia 2

Kotarou understand Lucia’s feelings now: her isolation and despair, her desire for human contact, and her wish to just be left alone. But Kotarou chooses to fight that fact, and uses his rewriting power to change into something which can withstand her poison. Unable to accept her power, Kotarou embraces her to prove it to her. Hesitant and panicked at first, Kotarou vows that he will be with her forever under the light streaming through the chapel, and Lucia submits to his embrace, letting tears of relief stream down her face.

Following that, Kotarou is abruptly introduced to the other side of the world, as he’s surrounded by Guardian agents examining his body to see the effect the poison has on him. After being taken to hospital, Kotarou is introduced to Guardian, and later the war they’re having with Gaia over the fate of the world. My first indoctrination to Guardian, and I’m definitely finding myself empathising with the Guardian side a lot more so far. In Chihaya’s route, even then Kotarou didn’t agree with Gaia’s ideology and methods, so it’s not like I have anything to suggest that Gaia are the good guys in all this. It’s unique of Key to provide different perspectives on something like a war through the different character routes, I like it. But I’m wondering if Akane’s route will end up changing my mind about Gaia? Time will tell. Soon Lucia’s past is revealed, how she was part of the Next Generation of Humanity Project, and her experiences being made into a Future Human. It’s here we enter the darker side of Rewrite again, portraying the end of the world and the atrocious experiments Lucia endured as a child. It’s quite horrible to read, definitely not for the weak of heart.

Lucia Skyline

After that revelation though, the story goes into moe mode, to lighten things up a bit. The relationship between Kotarou and Lucia becomes the focus, and they organize a date together to begin their new relationship as lovers, following their confessions in the church. I’m not always a fan of this stuff, but it was executed incredibly well here. The whole date starts out ‘tsun’ but really deeply fleshes out the ‘dere’ of Lucia’s personality. Oh man Ryukishi, I didn’t know you had it in you. You created a date scene so incredibly adorable that even I had a hard time avoiding contracting diabetes. Man oh man, we’re talking category 6 cuteness here. It showed how naive and weak-hearted Lucia is deep down, and it just struck the right paternal nerves. It also helped flesh out her character a bit more, with explanations for her glass-shattering ability revealed, and her role in Guardian was given attention. The date ends with the scene overlooking the skyline, where they cement their feelings of love for each other. Kotarou reveals that his feelings of sympathy had become feelings of genuine love, and Lucia returns that love. So damn beautiful U_U Ryukishi you know how to write love stories, you magnificent bastard. This was probably the most convincing romance I’ve seen so far from the game.

But of course, all good things must come to an end. All of this is juxtaposed by the political trouble Guardian is in. Following the scene on the rooftop, some time after Shizuru finds herself once again infected by Lucia’s poison, and Lucia is taken in by Guardian to try and find out why her poison is affecting people again. She’s confined to an isolation chamber where it’s discovered that her poison is running out of control. She descends into despair, complaining to Kotarou that her life holds no purpose; that she only exists to cause others to die. When the Next Generation of Humanity Project existed, while it could be viewed as a horrible thing, it also gave her purpose in life. By going to the future and saving humanity, she might be able to see her poison as an honourable gift to humanity rather than such a burden. Guardian’s situation worsens as Gaia attacks, taking out a large number of their agents at once, and almost taking out Kotarou as well. Guardian’s options are running out, and they need to act to prevent the salvation. On the brink of madness, Lucia learns of her condition, and yearns to go to the future to spare her from the pain of living in the present. As if in answer to her prayer, Brenda McFarden, one of the researchers of the Next Generation Humanity Project, invaded the facility to proclaim that she had a job that only Lucia could complete. Lucia goes missing after this, and Nishikujou frantically tries to deal with the situation. Kotarou hangs around school in despair waiting for some news, until eventually he encounters Lucia outside of the school. He takes Lucia on a date to the curry restaurant, where she reveals more about herself to him, and they enjoy what Lucia would believe to be their last moments together. Meanwhile Guardian is storming Brenda’s base to find Lucia. Unfortunately, the Vatican has already made plans with Brenda and Lucia to eliminate the threat of salvation. They amplified Lucia’s powers to turn her into a weapon of mass destruction, and let loose her poison upon Kazamatsuri, unleashing devastation in it’s wake. The city of Kazamatsuri is now a graveyard, and not even Kotarou could stay conscious for the assault.

Lucia's Poison

Lucia had found her purpose in being asked to destroy Kazamatsuri, in order to eliminate Gaia and the Key before they enact salvation. Kotarou awakens in the park, rewrites himself again to withstand the poison, and discovers the city is riddled with corpses. Here in the city, the greatest act of terrorism in human history has just been committed. I feel like the impact was underplayed a bit too much, but I understand that they had to focus on the story. Of course, Kotarou takes the news of the event very hard, but upon realizing that Lucia is responsible, he tries to push all the guilt and sadness to the back of his mind. He focuses solely on finding Lucia.

She has lost all hope for a cure to her poison, and instead is desperately searching for a reason to exist. She concludes that her purpose is either to fulfil the role as the Key and destroy the world, or be destroyed. When Kotarou finds her, she insists that Lucia is gone, and that she’s back to being Haruka Asahi now. Kotarou begs her to come along with him to find a cure for the poison, but she continues stating that it’s useless. She asks what purpose she has as long as she is producing poison, and Kotarou is unable to answer. Kotarou insists that he’ll do whatever he can to save her, but she doesn’t want any of that. Lucia has thrown away her own life, and accepted her fate. She has no choice but to continue to play the villain, and engages in battle with Shizuru. And my, what a battle it was.

Lucia vs Shizuru

Here’s to the best damn action scene so far. Ryukishi’s descriptions are so adrenaline-pumping, once again reminiscent of Umineko’s action scenes. I can’t really describe how epic it was to watch, but if you’ve seen it I’m sure you can relate. Rewrite couldn’t leave all the action to Chihaya’s route after all! Chihaya explains how Kotarou was forgetting something more important than the poison and finding a cure, and Kotarou racks his brain trying to figure out exactly what she means. It’s the most obvious answer, isn’t it? Unable to convince Lucia to stop, Lucia ends up seriously wounding Shizuru. Chihaya saves Lucia from a lethal fall, and ends up being infected with her poison as a result. Lucia is unable to accept it, and ends up deeply regretting her actions. Feelings incredibly conflicted, she flees to the rooftop where she is confronted by Kotarou. She believes herself to be the most miserable person in the world, and submits herself to either her death at Kotarou’s hands or the death of the world if she survives. Kotarou insists that she’s stupid for thinking she’s so miserable when she has so many friends trying to help her, and that resolve manifests into the aurora, protecting him from her blade. (This is the first time the aurora appears in this route, it would probably be a great introduction to it if this was the first playthrough!) Kotarou decides to be selfish, he realizes this encounter isn’t about what Lucia wants, it’s about what he wants. What matters is that he loves her.

Lucia Crying

Lucia completely loses her resolve after this confession. It’s the words she had been longing to hear. She wanted Kotarou to accept her as she is, not as she was. Accept her and her poison, knowing full well that she may never be cured. She was even afraid of being consumed by guilt over causing the deaths of over 200,000 people, but in the end it was an unavoidable outcome. She was not the one who brought destruction to Kazamatsuri, she was the tool the real villains used to enact it. And nothing she could do could change that. Kotarou promised that he’d share the burden of all those lost lives with Lucia, and use that as motivation to keep fighting, for their sakes. The group retreats to a shelter, and the city is nuked, preventing the spread of the poison.

After what appears to be months later, Kotarou arrives at a new shelter with Lucia. Together they are living a life hidden from the outside world, but safe and comfortable. Guardian have made arrangements to provide all their needs inside the shelters they live in, to live in relative comfort while researchers continue to try and find a cure for Lucia’s poison. They may never find it, but the outcome isn’t so bad any more. They’re still sad about what happened, but they’re able to live happily together for the rest of their lives regardless of whether or not a cure is found. I think that’s a pretty nice ending, despite all that happened along the way. A lot of bad happened, but in the end Kotarou and Lucia got their happy ending after all.

Flower in Desert

Lucia Route complete. Result: Good-ish End.

There was a lot of tragedy to this route. A lot of bloodshed. It was largely unavoidable bloodshed, but bloodshed nonetheless. The world was saved, but at what cost? After the episode ended, I couldn’t help but wonder about the fates of Akane and Yoshino. It was hinted that Kotori survived, so I won’t worry about her so much. But dammit, what about everyone else? Compared to the others, this route feels pretty self-contained and doesn’t concern itself with much of the story outside of it.

But, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. This route knew it’s focus and stuck to it. That is, Lucia, and her relationship with Kotarou. That single point was it’s greatest strength, and it focused on it very intently, creating a beautiful and amazing route. Ryukishi handled the task given to him with incredible finesse. I’ll be honest, when I first heard Ryukishi was working on Rewrite, I got really excited. Two of my favourite Visual Novel developers working together? It’s like a dream come true! And Lucia’s route didn’t fail to impress at all, if anything it exceeded my expectations. Wow, what a route. This is definitely my favourite so far. As I’ve mentioned, it has it’s failings, but overall it’s a very solid route. Maybe too solid, haha. If people did in fact read this as their first route, the bar might be set too high for future routes! Haha, time will tell if the other routes can match this bar or not. I really loved it.

Lucia’s route started as a horror mystery trying to establish the truths behind the veil of the supernatural, and later delved into a politically charged context surrounding a powerfully emotive love story. As Kotarou realised in the end, all that really mattered was that he loved Lucia. That love turned out to be the only thing that could save her. It is nice when the simple answer is the only answer. And despite the simplicity of this message, it was executed in a deeply satisfying way. Bravo, Ryukishi. You’ve done it again.

Coming up next: Shizuru route reflection!

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10 Responses to Rewrite ~ Lucia Route Reflection

  1. Makaron says:

    Nice review! … or reflection 🙂
    Whenever I finish a route i find myself coming back to your site and reading these. You sum up the stories really well, so it’s fun and really helpful to read them and fresh up my memory!
    Really liked this route a lot even tho I wasn’t looking forward to playing/reading it, since Lucia was my least favourite character too. That changed now.
    Going to read Shizuru’s route now. I hope that combat-loli will surprise me even more on her own route 😀

    Keep up the good work!

  2. SieghartXx says:

    I have to agree that this was one of the best routes, the plot revolved a lot around romance (and that, I love xD), and the end wasn’t bad at all. However, I was kinda sad when Lucia was manipulated by that doctor/witch and killed so many people >_< (and she was a bit annoying with her "I can't be with anybody or they will die!", when Koutarou even rewrited himself in order to be with her, knowing that one false step could lead him to stop being human.) Nevertheless, I even cried with this route, I really liked it c:

  3. Tzu says:

    I am really amazed at how different the routes are. They could easily be a game by themselves, but by playing each route we are revealing a little bit of the world each time. I have played Kotori, Chihaya and Lucia thus far and before this route I thought every route was going to pass by the leaf dragon incident, but thanks to that not happening here, we get to see another way Kotarou can use his rewrite power without combat in mind. This route was very unique, there was also a lot of changes in perspective wich didn’t happen as often in the other routes, specially changing to “Other” perspective wich felt as a narrator and overall made the route feel like a play, much like how Higurashi feels.

    Af first I was really interested in Akane’s route, but after playing trough Chihaya and Lucia’s routes, my interest has completely shifted to Shizuru. Little Shizuru is amazing, especially here in Lucia’s route were we can see her character develop a lot; so much I feel a little spoiled 😛

    I had tought on going Kotori > Chihaya > Lucia > Shizuru > Akane, but I think I’ll switch the last two and leave Shizuru for the end. That way shuffles Guardian and Gaia agents as well (Druid > Gaia > Guardian > Gaia > Guardian)

  4. kolgrim88 says:

    [SPOILER] Im a little disappointed by this route, lucia seems so weak, if she really wanted to die why didn´t just kill herself?, the plot was inconsistent at times. But this made me want to play shizuru´s route (last one) inmediatly, making her a very interesting character.

    About the game, yeah it´s surprising how the routes can be absolutely different, so far ive played 4 of them in just one week! :OMG amazing game, i found it better than LB so far (both are superb games).

  5. Flu-me says:

    The conclusion of the Lucia Route had less to do with love, and more to do with a general, primalistic human desire to be needed. Lucia is well aware that Kotarou loves her, but follows through with the plan regardless. It’s true that she had a desire to be accepted, but having gone through the terrible things she has, it will be impossible to live with herself unless she knows that another person “needs” both Lucia and her other self. The beauty of this is that the simple answer of “love” is no longer sufficient for such a broken individual, and only by living for another human can she find purpose.

    • Rich Tits says:

      What reigned supreme for Lucia was being needed by the one she loved & loved her; It was the desire to be an integral part of his life and not a ‘passing romance.’ That’s what it means to be loved in it’s truest sense. One can empathize with Lucia’s predicament insofar that only Koutarou is able to ameliorate her loneliness and give her some vestige of intimacy. Being able to do so puts him in a position of ‘power’ in their relationship; she needs him but he doesn’t necessarily need her (he could find another girl). Him saying that he needs her is a proclamation that there isn’t anyone else that can fill that ‘purpose’ of being his ‘soulmate’ (which I’d say is an apt term to describe someone for whom there is no replacement). Her desire to be needed is absolutely a major facet of her personality and insecurities that had plagued her throughout the story, but I’d argue that, in the end, out of every party that needed her for their own machinations and desires, it was love that ended up being the deciding factor of whom she wanted to be needed by.

  6. Oh man you basically wrote exactly my feelings when I was playing this route (and it was my first route by the way)… there is not very much that I can say because you have already said it, but that I agree that this is the most convincing romance that I’ve seen in my life and that I also am a proud member of Lucia-ism

  7. Diosama93 says:

    i’m lost tho if they nuked the city how how was it possible that one year later there was already no radiation and the city was already rebuilt? Am i forgetting something?

  8. Diosama93 says:

    i dont think she could kill the key anyways… because she couldnt cut kotarou’s right arm. if u know what i mean.heck i bet the key was still behind that barrier. maybe they should had revealed that she just murdered an entire city for no reason… its a sad route alright…

    the first case, asahi haruka didnt made much sense some things seemed out of place, we saw through her eyes but what? the copier was an illusion? she didnt grabbed the copy from the copier but she actually wrote it, she forgot who did it? she broke the glass she discussed with herself in the middle of the city, also in her room, its weird, it sounds like she has dual personality like she has 2 versions of herself, what we see are desilusions? her gettin insane? seeing what isnt there?, kotarou gets there after a lot of work and stress, at that point i discover she really is insane and well, we were seeing an illusion created by herself? i guess (still feels badly written tho), he changes is own body into something else so he can accept her and devotes his life to hers…
    they get out of this alive… after gettin back to a normal reallity they start with a date, (i felt this wasnt right the other girls didnt get romance), lucia was different.. but it was a beautiful part or the story, and the only one if you ask me, i felt like i was finally reading a Key’s work… still wished for romance to the other gals, not happening… and they have a romantic time in the top of the Kazuto Mall, where they make a promise…
    shizuru gets in problems cuz of lucias poison, shizu remains in the city hospital while lucia goes to another city where they have better equipment… the supressants cant hold her back anymore, was it because of what happened? because of the romance? she changed? got stronger? who knows…? kotarou keeps visiting shizu after talkin to lucia 1 time her phones runs out of batteries so he goes to her house to get her charger where he risks his life for her yet again and his saved by sensei…
    lucia gets desperate… inside that white room, after hearing the cruel words of the researchers she wishes to die or eternal slumber, she gets the charger but shes afraid of losing that resolve so she lefts the phone dead, the place gets attacked by the mad scientist brenda and her group, the ghosts of lucias past come to haunt her again but she grabs to that, thinkin thats her last hope… she’s terrible. she said “kotarou doesn’t need me but these guys do”… (if i was on kotarou’s shoes i would already given up on her, since she doesn’t seem very interested in him… then she agrees with such a monstrous plan, appears out of nowhere before kotarou, and after some talk she does it, and in my eyes at this point she turns the villain… what? “if i didnt agree they would turn me into a bomb (literally)” (lol), now we just needed someone to touch her first even with a suit i bet she could destroy it bare handed, she also could agree with the plan but instead of going to kotarou’s side she could just wait for the right time, get herself back in the bunker and explode there) (oops)… and then they find each other, chi, shizu, nishi and kota, surrounded by a pile of corpses, a huge pile of corpses… and they act like its something small, start making jokes in that situation, lucia’s vanished the city is dead… lucia decides to remain in the city and die in the process from the nuke attack, she lost it she cant live with herself not after the becoming a monster… they find her, this part was also terrible, she’s acts like she’s someone else acting cold towards everyone, even to kotarou who is supposedly to be in love with her and so she is towards him… the he fails to persuade her for some reason, he was always strong and always knew what to say but now…? nothin… amazing, she couldn’t kill herself so yeah after killing the entire city, yeah why not? lets kill kotarou so she makes a giant chandelier fall on him using one of her stupid curses, quite nice seeing the “heroine” trying to kill the “hero” (none of them was doing their job correctly at this time), so shizuru appears the “best friends” start a fight almost to the dead, and then we spend almost an hour watching their fight and kotarou trying to understand what he must say to her, what she wants to hear, what she needs to hear. and well the drug factory loses to the walking waste, (yup guardian lost they duty somewhere and at this point they’re just totally mad! instead of protecting human life they just cause disaster and cruel stuff to happen, tho its also possible the next human project was in vatican’s best interest)… so the 2 start falling kotarou catches shizu she starts regenerating, lucia cutted her in half, almost (wow), lucia also recovered from bullet damage caused by shizu (wtf???), chihaya almost dies saving lucia, tho luci gets the wrong idea and thinks chi’s dead, kotarou asks to shizu what he needs to say to lucia, she tries to tell him but falls unconsious (lol), he runs up the stairs and finds that scene… yeah chi’s not dead (yay thank u sakuya ure the best), lucia starts crying and run’s to the rooftop, chi gives a lecture to kotarou and tells him he as no right to follow lucia if he doesnt know what to say… she’s screams to him (literally) to run after her anyways… they get back to that promised place… kotarou tries one more time and fails, lucia is in cold mode again acting like a “heroine” (lol rewrite = the main character of the route doesnt show as much a she should and if she does she turns into a mental problem)… so he decides to use violence (yeah lets make them kill each other, reader u wont forget this story never), so yeah lucia tries to kill kotarou one more time, haha he as the power so he blocks her katanachainsaw (shes using hear weird second curse) (this is gettin creepier by the second she releases deadly poison and a chainsaw? and breaks stuff without touchin it? sigh, she actually turned shizu into a pulp with that, just forgot to mention), and yeah this proves she couldnt kill the key anyways since he blocked her katanachainsaw, at this time i thought he could use that power to remove her poison of something (or not)… well he finally remembers “oh yeah i love her and i need her, i dont care about suppressants or poison. shes mine and i want her!!!”, he tells her this a bit clodly disregarding her feelings at first but his words just get better, he finally reaches what little is left or her heart, she cries on his arms again, seems she forgot kotarou somewhere, seems like givin his life to her wasnt enough, he turn his body into something more… well he saved her from herself, the problem wasnt him it was her, she’s surrounded by friends, she as kotarou, she as a better life than she believes she just couldnt see it, she really was the final boss of her own route… they get to the bunker by chopper with nishikujou… this part is also stupid… it just time-skips to 1 year later (lol) and rushes to the end… at this part nishikujou is back at kazamatsuri, she talks with the secretary, she swears to protect lucia for all her life, by using blackmail, ohoh, shes still hunting brenda and the and bartholomew the head of the mad scientists that ruined lucias and lots of other children life and existence, she loves her, the lucias poison curse as been lifted but at what cost, as the key been eliminated? who knows? maybe lucia took her role instead?… and i ask myself how the city is back after only 1 year, im still missing something with the nuke…
    and so lucia and kotarou are travelling around the world since the mad scientists are still on the loose, more children still suffer just as lucia did (tho they’re brainwashed so they probably dont know it, even lucia was, still brainwashed thats why she felt such a strong duty obligation after 7 years…) the hunt for them continues, guardian finds the druid, yeah, shizu goes back to kazamatsuri after havin spent time with the couple… and so lucia gets what she deserves, all the care she deserves, (i still dont like her much, i dont agree with much of what she did, i dont agree with removing her poison she is who she is and the poison is just 1 thing that makes her who she is, took kotarou some time to get it), well is that or the world, she feels the guilt or carrying 200 000 people lives, who knows maybe more, she could had avoided it but…
    and they keep livin… underground, surrounded by luxury, only to wish that one day she can live in the surface not afraid of taking someones live

    yes finally finished the testament, had a lot on my mind and i needed to release this somehow, sorry and thanks

    hope they could 1 day close this story in a proper way, find the scientists, take her to the surface, a miracle would also be nice. tho rewrite doesnt has that
    rewrite is about a cruel reality and cruel world, with sad and mad people. She didnt deserved that fate, no 1 would, she could had made better choices, her hands remain dirty, but well guess the point of this story is just ignoring her sin, her gigantic sin, and give her the support she needs, love and affection, so she may live with herself, i changed my mind a lot of times while writing this, i had this whirlwind of emotions inside me, still do…
    took me almost 2 hours to write this lool
    bye lucia… make better choices next time and if possible remain human, in the inside and outside…

    next Rewrite: Lucia after (or shizuru’s route, still half-way of ending this cursed story) (theres harverst fest also i guess)

  9. Zac Atie says:

    Haha, the best so far? Well, it’s your opinion, but the amount of contrived nonsense in this route was beyond what I could handle. When she called herself Asahi Haruka, and started saying Lucia was no more and all that, I pretty much predicted the rest of the lame plot and skipped it.

    And the angst. Lord Jesus, the angst.

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