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Quick Meta: Recommended BGMs, yay or nay?

Alternative Title: How I learned to make polls.

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Why ‘Reflections’?

It just occurred to me that the reasoning behind my decision to do ‘Reflections’ instead of reviews on Kakera Complex could maybe do with some better explaining. So let’s get into it. First, no, I’m not just trying to sound … Continue reading

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Kakera Complex is Back! (Sort Of)

Greetings, voyagers. Have you missed me? Kakera Complex has been down for a few months due to the transition from one host to another. I’ve gone from self-hosting (or Spike-hosting) to a hosted blog. I won’t say this option … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new Kakera Complex!

Greetings, Voyagers! And welcome to the new and improved Kakera Complex! I’ve finally made the move from a free blogger blog to a wordpress blog installed in a paid server, operated by my friend Spikeness. I’ve been wanting to make … Continue reading

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