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Definitive and totally unbiased guide on how to enter the Toaru series (and why you should!)

Lots of people come to me asking how they should first get into Toaru. …okay, maybe it’s more like I try to tell them that they should get into Toaru. And the thing is, despite how much I love this series, it’s a reeeeally hard sell. The early arcs of the Index series are filled with a lot of bullshit that can really turn off potential audiences, and since the story spans so many different forms of media, it becomes really daunting to newcomers, simply due to the fact that they have no idea where to begin tackling such as massive franchise. The good news is that it’s not all bad. While there is some bullshit in the early arcs, there are some really big highlights to hook potential audiences, and it really does help to know that Kamachi grows significantly as a writer after the first 11 volumes, so the promise of a phenomenal latter half (latter three quarters?) should entice newcomers whose interest is captured early on. As for not knowing where to start with the franchise, maybe this guide can help! Continue reading

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Introducing A new community for Key fans.

I’m proud to formally announce a project I’ve been working on for a while now. Most of my readers will probably have already heard of it, but to those who haven’t, I present to you A new Key community. … Continue reading

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Little Busters Anime Viewers: Here’s Some Cool Stuff You Missed!

So the Little Busters Anime has ended (Excluding EX coming soon) and I feel it’s time to make a post for the Anime viewers to show them some of the cool things they missed out on from the Visual Novel. … Continue reading

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Ai no Kakera ~Fragments of Love~

I present to you my very first Anime Music Video. I know what most of you are probably thinking when you read those words. Something like a facepalm, or an ‘oh boy here we go’. I know that feeling all … Continue reading

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