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Thoughts of an aging Otaku

I’m 22 this year, going on 23, and I love Anime. Not to say I love all Anime; over the years I’ve been watching I’ve acquired a more developed appreciation for the medium. You won’t hear me singing praises of … Continue reading

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Is This Really Okay? ~ Concerns of a Visual Novel Reader (Afterword Added)

There’s been a bit of drama in the Visual Novel community lately with the recent localisation of If My Heart Had Wings by the new Visual Novel publisher Moenovel. Specifically, there’s been much discussion (mostly backlash) over Moenovel’s decision to remove the … Continue reading

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Little Busters Anime: Information Breakdown

Art by Zen. It’s been a very long week or so since the announcement of the Little Busters! TV Anime. I myself have been working hard, navigating droves of news and discussion about it for both myself and for you. … Continue reading

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Umineko – Just how many characters are there anyway?

It should be pretty common knowledge to the fandom that Umineko has a LOT of characters. This might bring one to ask: “Exactly how many characters are there in Umineko?” To anyone uninitiated, this might seem like a very easy … Continue reading

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My problem with the moe

Psych hats on everyone because this may get freudian. If you know me, you’re probably aware that I have a general dislike of archetypal moe girls. My biggest peeve is K-On personally. I’ve found that most communities on the internet … Continue reading

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Umineko is more than just a story…

Art by hanokage Spoiler warning. This post is a reflection, an introspection, a freeform rambling, and a conclusion. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that knows me that I LOVE Umineko no Naku Koro ni. I’m a fan of … Continue reading

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Keima Katsuragi: The True Keikakudoori

So a friend of mine recently introduced me to what the words ‘Keikaku Doori’ mean (and it wasn’t you keikakudoori, bahaha). It’s that line, ‘Just as Planned’, that you hear in a lot of anime these days. In my view, … Continue reading

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