This page is here to clear up details on how I handle citation on Kakera Complex.

Firstly, all of my writing is my own, I don’t condone plagiarism at all. However, there may be instances where I do quote another person’s words, but I will never speak them as my own.

Secondly, I will often use images that don’t belong to me. But, as I state now, I never convey the intention of stealing. The images I use may be hosted on my blog for the sake of stability, but I do not claim ownership the images I use. Whenever possible I will attempt to credit the original authors of said images in a caption, but I admit that I will not always be able to do so. That said, I will not allow this technicality to limit my use of images. So, if you notice an image that has no creditation and you know who the original author/artist is, then please contact me to let me know.