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Little Busters!: Common Route Day-By-Day Reflections

Hey guys! Just dropping by to let you know that I’ve been doing a little Reflection series at Kazamatsuri.org. Since the 14th of May, I’ve been reading through the common route alongside the days of the month, writing a short … Continue reading

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Little Busters Anime Viewers: Here’s Some Cool Stuff You Missed!

So the Little Busters Anime has ended (Excluding EX coming soon) and I feel it’s time to make a post for the Anime viewers to show them some of the cool things they missed out on from the Visual Novel. … Continue reading

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What is “Little Busters?” ~ A Reflection

[Music: Day Game] I’ve been feeling really sentimental about Little Busters lately, watching the final episodes of Refrain unfold, so it seems like a perfect time to share what Little Busters means to me. You can consider this the conclusion to … Continue reading

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Little Busters Anime: Information Breakdown

Art by Zen. It’s been a very long week or so since the announcement of the Little Busters! TV Anime. I myself have been working hard, navigating droves of news and discussion about it for both myself and for you. … Continue reading

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How muscle took over the world: Project Outline

Attention Little Busters, a new mission is about to begin. But before that, a word on the issues behind Visual Novel localization. I’m sure many fans of Key or VNs in general are aware of the general consesus of the … Continue reading

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My problem with the moe

Psych hats on everyone because this may get freudian. If you know me, you’re probably aware that I have a general dislike of archetypal moe girls. My biggest peeve is K-On personally. I’ve found that most communities on the internet … Continue reading

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Little Busters! TV Anime Announced!

Little Busters Anime was announced, and the internet exploded! I’ve moved all updates and discussion here: https://kakeracomplex.wordpress.com/2012/04/12/little-busters-anime-announcement-breakdown/ Please visit the above post for up-to-date news and opinions!

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