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Little Busters!: Common Route Day-By-Day Reflections

Hey guys! Just dropping by to let you know that I’ve been doing a little Reflection series at Kazamatsuri.org. Since the 14th of May, I’ve been reading through the common route alongside the days of the month, writing a short … Continue reading

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Angel Beats! Visual Novel: What We Know So Far

Hi guys! I’m not dead, just been very busy over at my new website Kazamatsuri.org. Over on the forums, one of our community members, Bizkitdoh, has done work assembling a thread full of all the known details on the Angel … Continue reading

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Little Busters Anime Viewers: Here’s Some Cool Stuff You Missed!

So the Little Busters Anime has ended (Excluding EX coming soon) and I feel it’s time to make a post for the Anime viewers to show them some of the cool things they missed out on from the Visual Novel. … Continue reading

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Rewrite ~ Akane Route Reflection

[Music: Anthurium] And here we are covering the last remaining heroine route of Rewrite: Akane’s route. This route can only be accessed after finishing Chihaya’s route, and gives much more insight into Akane’s character and the workings of Gaia than … Continue reading

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What is “Little Busters?” ~ A Reflection

[Music: Day Game] I’ve been feeling really sentimental about Little Busters lately, watching the final episodes of Refrain unfold, so it seems like a perfect time to share what Little Busters means to me. You can consider this the conclusion to … Continue reading

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Is This Really Okay? ~ Concerns of a Visual Novel Reader (Afterword Added)

There’s been a bit of drama in the Visual Novel community lately with the recent localisation of If My Heart Had Wings by the new Visual Novel publisher Moenovel. Specifically, there’s been much discussion (mostly backlash) over Moenovel’s decision to remove the … Continue reading

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My Letter to Key – Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project

Dear Key. I write to you today to join many others around the world in expressing our love for your work. I first came into contact through your stories through the Clannad Anime, and have since experienced a broad number … Continue reading

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